Dacia Resorts are the destinations.

The Dacia Resort Group is wholly focused on providing immersive nature experiences and great camping adventures. If you stay at one of our resorts you will see they are the base camp or they are the destination. We are not on the side of highways and we are not for full-time residents. Dacia resorts are on the beach, the river, the lake, at the gateway to the national parks, or on the trails.

When you are at a Dacia Resort, you are in nature.

During the days we want our guest being active, whether they are fishing, kayaking, boating, hiking, biking or off-roading etc… and in the afternoon and evening we want them enjoying time with their family and making friends. We want them hanging around a campfire, sipping wine, roasting marshmallows, BBQing and more

You make memories at a Dacia Resorts.


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