Anita Tomasevic

Co-Founder & Chairwoman

Anita grew up in the rolling hills, forest, and farms of eastern Europe. Anita’s passion for the outdoors stems from running in the fields, playing in the forest, and swimming in the rivers.

Anita speaks several languages and has traveled extensively with more than 20 countries to her credit thus far. Promoting healthy and active lifestyles, has been a majority of Anita’s life work. For the past 15 years Anita designed and managed active adult fitness programs for arguably the most exclusive senior care facilities in the county.  With a slew of fitness and training accreditations and with degrees in economics and finance, Anita is the ideal chairman for Dacia Resort Group.

Danny Mulcahy

Co-Founder & CEO

Danny had the good fortune to grow up in a military family, which allowed him to live abroad and travel extensively.  No matter where Danny was, the peace and wonder of the outdoors, made it feel like home.  

Today, Danny treasures the fact he has been able to experience the deserts of the southwest, the forest of the Northwest, the mountains of Colorado and Central Europe, the beaches of Italy, Greece, & Spain, the east coast, west coast, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California, Andaman Sea and a hundreds of places in between.

Danny has lived in 10 states, two countries, and visited more than 20 countries and 100’s of cities.  Drawing upon these experiences and combining them with his passion for travel and the outdoors, he, along with his wife Anita, created Dacia Resort Group; hence, “Dacia” latin for nomad, appear to be an apropos moniker.

As a serial entrepreneur, and with more than 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, investments, and finance to supplement his lifetime of being a traveler, Danny is well suited to lead the Dacia Resort Group into being a best in class nature immersion destination owner and operator.

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Alina Mulcahy


Alina, is the driving force of the Dacia Resort Group, as a Colorado native, being in nature is in her blood.  In her first 3 years of life, she has visited the beaches of Florida and S. California, the hills and farms of S. Eastern Europe, the deserts of the southwest, and the mountains of Colorado.  

Outside of strawberries and watermelon, nothing excites Alina more than jumping in muddy puddles, splashing in the water, getting to run in the open space, see butterflies, climb on rocks and hide behind tress. Alina is the perfect reminder of why we put our energy into creating places where families can immerse themselves in nature: hear the sounds, breath the air, and see the stars.  

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